Dressing up with Babyshop

(In collaboration with Babyshop)

Nathaniel's shirt here

Pants here

In a continued collaboration with my absolute favorite Babyshop here's Nate's new absolute favorite outfit. He smiled the moment he got on this outfit and got to match with daddy haha!

If you've been following me for a while you probably know around 95% of Nate's clothing comes from Babyshop hehe. I remember when I was pregnant and found the site and fell in love with it. They have exactly all the type of outfits I dreamed of getting to dress my little bubba in. And now I get to do it!

My advice when it comes to shopping for babies is to always take one size bigger than the size your baby is at the moment. The first weeks I noticed that I bought stuff that would literally become too tiny after using them once. So I've learnt to get outfits that look good as a bit oversized before they are the size they are "meant to be". This way your shopping is more sustainable and you also don't have to get new outfits every single week!

My favorite thing to do is to mix luxury with budget when I shop for Nate. I love to mix brands, styles and more but I think I mostly shop things that looks like his dad haha... Which means it's simple and pretty basic colours, not wild patterns etc. It's going to be fun to see what type of clothes he chooses when he's old enough not to have his momma as his stylist haha!

With my code MOLLIES15 you get -15% off everything (also sale items!!) for 48 hours. <3 Click here to shop.

(Only a few selected brands the code doesn't work on)



Jag älskar dina Babyshop samarbeten👏
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