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This week has had a lot of ups and downs but overall it's been great. We spent the first half of this week in Mariehamn where I had so much good food and met lots of new people. Yesterday was our first day home and a bit crazy & hectic since our car was destroyed by a gang of kids who decided to take the air out of the tires haha... So instead of doing what we had planned we spent 3 hours trying to get someone to come and fix it so we could even get back home. We are looking at buying a new car at the moment but after yesterday's incident I almost changed my mind since it was a reminder of how much work a car is lol. I've made a deal with myself to try to be car-free for one month (next January) and see how it goes. If it's impossible we'll buy a new one but otherwise I'll really try to be without a car for at least some time.

Today I met some friends who came to visit us from Finland. I sometimes miss my Finnish friends so much it's insane! So I'm always so so happy when they come here to spend some time with us. My absolute best memories from high school is everything that has to do with my friends haha. We literally did everything together so I share the most weird and awesome memories with these guys.

As you also might have seen on my Instagram we're currently looking for a nanny who can help me with Nate during the days. Tomorrow a couple of people who sent in applications will come to visit us, hopefully we find a great fit who can spend the weekdays here with us!

Right now I'm with Nate during the days but at the same time I'm working pretty much and have a bit too much on my schedule right now. And work is important for me so instead of minimizing that we decided to get some help around here. Lots of people have some opinions on this nanny thing but more about that later...

Also, it was insane how many emails, messages and DM's I got when I wrote that we're looking to hire a nanny. I'm so thankful for every message and I'm sorry I can't answer all of you personally since it would take quite some time! But I'm so happy that so many were interested in helping us with our everyday life and work with us during the days.

Now I'm going to make some yummy dinner with my family before we go out on a little powerwalk. Today I almost felt ready to do a little workout but then I decided not to haha! Baaaby steps.



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