A spa day in Åland

We spent yesterday at a place called Havsvidden (find it here) here in Åland. It was such a lovely place and it's a place I'll definitely go to again.

We had their VIP villa for the day and while Thomas was working and Nate was napping I had some me-time and took a long bath in the jacuzzi on the terrace. The best part was the sea view, it's almost like therapy for me!

My dad's archipelago has a similar view to this villa and I remember that already as a 5-year-old I thought it was the most relaxing view in the world. I could sit outside and watch the sea for hours. So whenever I have a sea view and an archipelago environment I feel at home. <3

Anyways, it was lovely to get some me-time and relax. It was the first day in a long time I've been able to just sit back and have some calm moments. I also had like 3l pepsi max haha...

The view from our bedroom also reminded me so much of our archipelago and even though I'm not an outdoors person I really like this view. But even better I obviously like the view of my lil bubba taking a second nap in my lap haha.

Nate has started to sleep a lot less during the days so it's rare that I get some me-time when I'm at home alone with him these days. The first weeks I almost got bored since he just slept, slept and slept all day long. Now he's full of energy and only takes a couple of 20-minute naps during the day but always sleeps super deeply in the car no matter if it's for 5 minutes or 2 hours we drive hehe.

In the evening we tried Havsvidden restaurant's tasting menu and the vegan menu I got was actually really good! I'm often sceptic to vegan menus at new restaurants since you never know what to expect. Some places has great vegan food while some places barely know what vegan means haha. So the food yesterday was great and I was positively surprised by their vegan menu!

We were 6 people + Nate at the dinner and Nate usually falls asleep around 9-11 so he fell asleep in my arms a couple of times but always woke up when it got too cold/I needed to move etc. But on the way back "home" he fell asleep deeply and this night I really got to sleep well and got 9 hours of deeeeeep lovely sleep.

Right now I'm at our hotel room with Nate while Thomas is working the whole evening. We've already been to a nice lunch restaurant, walked through almost the entire Mariehamn and explored the city. I could easily take a 3 hour nap now but I don't think Nate likes that idea haha... :)

Have a great day loves!



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