6 months of marriage

Last Sunday me & lé husband hit 6 months of marriage, wihuu! We found out I was pregnant after being 2 months married, when I was in week 4 - and it's still one of my favorite moments we share together. Anyways, being 6 months married means we're about 6 months away from our temple sealing, which I've almost forgotten about because I've been so focused on pregnancy and our baby boy. But YES, in half a year we'll be getting sealed in a temple, which means we'll be stuck with each other not only until death but forever and ever. This time I'm going to have a more traditional wedding dress and not just something white haha. So here's what I've learned during 6 months of marriage:

The other half

The first thing is that you get so attached to the person you share everything with. A day without him feels weird. And it's like literally having another half, not just the saying - but you know you never have to brush your teeth alone, go to the grocery store alone, make dinner alone. I always have my best friend right there and if we're not physically right next to each other I still feel close to him, just because I know I belong to him. It's a special feeling that has made me very calm somehow.

Best friend

The best friend part depends on the relationship, but for us it's super important. We both have our own close friends, which is really important as well, but what makes our everyday life so happy is probably the fact that we're like best friends. We always have the most fun times together and we're a bit silly and unserious and we laugh a lot.


One of my favorite things has always been that he wakes me up to kiss me goodbye before he goes off to work. Nothing makes a morning better than that. And this is a habit I really wanna hold on to no matter how stressed we get or in whatever hurry we are.


It's not always easy being married to a pregnant woman that has a complicated pregnancy. He has sort of become my right hand and helps me with just about everything. Which is something I couldn't be more grateful for. And obviously it won't be that easy to have a baby either, it gets stressy from time to time. But support in every way have become so much more important for me now than before. My hubby is starting his new work in a couple of weeks, which puts us in a new situation that probably won't be that easy all the time, but for me it's important to support him especially in this since that "normal" type of job probably never will be that current for me, so compromising about in what city we'll be living because of his job feels like an obvious thing for me since my job is wherever I am. But I'll write more about our future plans soooon.



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