Sunny days

My little bubba is getting so big, he wants to stand up all the time and gets mad if we don't hold him like this haha...

I could really get used to our life in Marbella. Cozy mornings, long walks on the beach, good restaurants, many laughs and lots of SUN. We luckily still have some weeks left here before we're going back to a cold Stockholm. Don't know if I'll survive the winter back home after this well-spent month haha.

Nate somehow has a hard time napping here so he's been overtired a lot and now we're trying our best to get him into a better sleeping routine. At home he used to take two long naps, 2 hours each, but here he wakes up after 10 minutes... So he's been sleeping a little all the time which makes him very upset. Today we finally got him to sleep two hours in the stroller and now he's upstairs sleeping with Thomas who unfortunately is ill. :(

This is literally the first time since I met Thomas that he's actually ill. I've been ill like once a week since we started dating but he's never had more than a light version of the flu. Now he has a 40 degree celsius fever and stomach pains. So I'm doing my best to take care of both my men atm hehe.



I hope your men will be fine soon again .
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