Nate’s skincare routine

Hiii babes. So, what’s new. Well, Nate’s skin has gone crazy and he has these red big spots all over his chest, back and arms... This happened already a couple of months ago and we tried to take care of it at home with some body lotion and bepanthen. But that didn’t really work.

Now with the help of Ihosairaala & Nesi I’ve gotten a great routine for Nate that has finally helped his skin. So what I do is that I put on an anti-irritation lotion on his whole body. This is SO good and it keeps his skin from getting too dry and it helps with the irritation etc. I use this 2-3 times every day.

A great addition to this is the anti-irritation stick I put on the spots that are red. It also has an instant relief from scratching which has helped us a lot since Nate otherwise keeps on scratching on the irritated spots.

The third thing I use is a repairing cream that helps to calm down his irritated skin and take away the redness. This is perfect to mix with the anti-irritation stick and you can use both of them many times every day!



Ååå elsk!
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