My new babe!

On Saturday I bought my first car!! It's a Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid and since I love speed the 380 horsepower engine is perfect for me haha...

We woke up at 4AM to take the train to Umeå where they have a Porsche Center and then we drove all the way back to Stockholm (a 7 hour drive) and came back home sometimes around midnight. It was a LONG day but totally worth it. I love this car already!

Now I'm gonna have a caaaalm day at home with my little bubba who is totally wild at this point haha. Nate is crawling EVERYWHERE and is getting so fast. I can't even leave him alone in the livingroom to go to the toilet anymore! But this is by far the best stage so far. <3



Nice car! Especially for a first car, mine was a Toyota Tercel, haha
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