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(A newborn Nate using LullaMe)

(A 6-month-old Nate using LullaMe)

Today I want to share my LullaMe review with you and I'm gonna start by saying that LullaMe Solina is the mattress that every mother and baby needs. It's a self-rocking mattress that with it's calming movement will help your baby sleep. We started using it when Nate was around one month old and have been using it ever since (he's 8-months-old now). It was the biggest game changer for us and especially for me as a mother! Therefor I want to do this LullaMe review so that you can get a grip of what this product can do for your family.

First of all I want to point out that no matter if this product will be good, great or life-changing for you there's always gonna be rough nights when you have a newborn. There will be the flu that makes your baby unable to sleep, new phases that makes it hard to stick to the routines and other unexpected things that motherhood simply brings you. LullaMe Solina also (obviously) works differently for every baby, but speaking for myself and my family, this has been the BEST thing we've gotten since Nate was born. By far. And I know most mothers who have tried the self-rocking mattress will agree. But if you've already read some reviews on LullaMe you've probably noticed that everyone's experience and story is different.

We started using LullaMe Solina because sleep is SO important for me. I honestly feel like a zombie the whole day if Nate's been having a bad night. And sleep doesn't only affect my energy but it affects my whole mood. After a bad night I feel sad, irritated and have so much less patience with everything. Sleep is basically one of the absolutely most important things for my health and well-being.

During my pregnancy I googled a lot on newborns and their sleeping habits and I looked up different products that's supposed to help your sleeping routines. After reading some reviews on this self-rocking mattress I started following LullaMe on social media and decided I wanted the mattress. I'm so grateful that I've gotten to collaborate with them and it's been one of my all time favorite companies to work with!

Before we started using LullaMe Solina Nate wouldn't fall asleep unless I or my husband had him in my arms or on my chest. He needed the safety and calmness and I often ended up rocking him to sleep and not only that, but I needed to keep holding him in my arms when he was asleep because otherwise he would wake up. He didn't like being in his own bed and he woke up A LOT during the nights. When we started using the self-rocking mattress I had some pretty high expectations since I'd been reading so many good reviews about it. But the mattress was way BEYOND all my expectations, it was so freaking good that I couldn't believe my eyes haha.

I want to share some lines I wrote after our first night of using the mattress:

"The first night we tried the mattress I was so excited and nervous to see the results. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high so I was prepared to hear him cry within a minute when I put him down. But nope. No crying. I waited another minute, still nothing. I went to bed so confused - is this how easy it's going to be from now on? Then I slept for almost 4 full hours before Baby N woke up and wanted some food. And after he'd had his little night snack I put him straight back on the mattress with the self-rocking function on and this was the FIRST TIME he was able to fall back asleep on his own, in his bed, without being on my chest. Wow wow wow."

And after the first night it just got better and better. In the beginning he slept 4 hours in a row, then it was more and more every night and pretty soon he was sleeping as much as 6 full hours in a row which felt unbelievable as a mother who was used to her baby waking up almost every hour haha.

An important thing I want to highlight in this LullaMe review is that it has different effects in different stages of your baby's development. When Nate was 0-3 months old the mattress helped him fall asleep on his own in the evenings and made him sleep much longer in a row than he did without the mattress. From the first night I could tell he loved his self-rocking mattress and he felt safe and calm when the movement was on.

When Nate was around 3-5 months old the most important thing for us with the mattress was when I stopped breastfeeding and he needed to get used to not getting the comfort of me breastfeeding him during the night when he woke up. The first nights I stopped breastfeeding was obviously a bit hard but very soon he adapted to our new routines and when he woke up during the night he would fall asleep just by having the self-rocking function on, so he was rocked back to sleep by the mattress. <3 This was so important for me because it was hard to stop breastfeeding for me but it made me so much more calmer knowing that he felt calm in his own bed.

Now that Nate is 8-months-old he usually wakes up one time during the night but luckily falls asleep within 5 minutes again. But more and more often now he is sleeping through the night without waking up a single time and nothing makes me happier haha! The best surprise is when you wake up in the morning and realize you've slept a whole night without waking up a single time. LullaMe is still Nate's favorite place where he feels safe and calm and whenever we travel I notice how much harder it is for him to fall asleep without his mattress.

I want to end this review by giving you my 5 main reasons for why we use and love LullaMe Solina:

-- The only times me and my husband fight is when we're tired after a bad night. LullaMe has helped us to minimize the amount of bad nights and we're so much more happy as a family when we get the sleep we need.

- The self-rocking function is so easy to use since you can download the LullaMe app and adjust everything through your phone.

- You get so much more time in the evening when you don't have to rock your baby to sleep for hours but instead can get your baby to fall asleep on their own.

- The mattress is 100% safe to use and you don't have to be worried about any "downsides" of the product, because there aren't any. (The LullaMe team did actually ask me what I think could be improved but for my family it has been perfect the way it is now.)

PS. You can either buy LullaMe Solina or rent it for 30 days at a time!

Learn more about LullaMe here! <3



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