Yesterday I published a post on Instagram showing my cellulite and stretch marks after pregnancy. The response and messages I got were overwhelming and that type of things are exactly why I do what I do and why I keep posting on social media.

It's so hard when you day after day see perfect pictures everywhere, perfect skin, perfect body, perfect make-up, perfect lightning, perfect everything. It's actually really hard to see those type of pictures and then decide not to post the same type of content yourself. But you NEED to do it and you need to show the ones who are following you that perfection doesn't exist in real life. Pictures can be photoshopped but the more we rely on those pictures the more we destroy our brains and confidence.

People kept telling me "wow you're so lucky you didn't get a single stretchmark on your belly during pregnancy". I did get stretchmarks. Not on my belly. But my legs and butt are COVERED in stripes, scars and cellulite. Especially my butt haha. It felt different at first, I was so used to my skin being smooth and then all of a sudden I looked like a tiger.

But the more I kept looking at my marks the more I started appreciating them. Our flaws are what makes us unique and beautiful. They show us how strong we are and how much our bodies are able to do for us. I only feel gratitude when I look at my stretchmarks these days.

Now I'm off to a super fun Saturday, my friend is having a birthday party and I just pumped lots of milk so Nate will be fine during daddy-time. <3 I'm actually excited to spend a baby-free afternoon but I know I'll probably miss him in like 30 minutes after leaving haha.

Have a great weekend loves. And remember to love and take care of yourselves! <3



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