Happy days in Helsinki

Hiii babes. Right now I’m spending some time in Helsinki with Nate and Thomas is working in Stockholm. I’ve already had time to spend quality time with some friends and more of that will be on my schedule the whole week. <3 I also have a lot of work here right now so it’s a perfect mix of everything!

The worst part about being away from my husband is that Nate sleeps SO BAD without his dad. Before we came to Helsinki Nate had just started sleeping throughout the night without waking up. Now he wakes up 2-3 times a night screaming and crying and not even playing his favorite music helps. So this night I was up 01-03 with him trying to get him to fall back to sleep... Oh boy haha.

Now I’m gonna pick up a pizza for lunch and try to work some while Nate is napping!



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