Equal parenting

Now we have a 7-month-old baby and I often get the question how we share responsibility at home and with Nate. People want advice, they want to hear what works and what doesn't. So now I'm making a whole post about this because I think it's important - and well, I want my child to grow up in an as equal home as possible!

During the nights we both usually wake up and feed Nate, so for example I hold Nate and comfort him while Thomas is making him formula, then Nate sits in my lap while Thomas feeds him and so on. When I was still breastfeeding, Thomas picked up Nate and brought him to me and then I fed Nate while laying down, half asleep haha.

If Thomas is at home, during weekends and vacations, he usually wakes up with Nate at 7 in the morning and I get to sleep a couple of more hours before I get up with them. When Thomas is working, we both wake up at 7. And when my mom is here we both get to sleep in the morning hehe. Right now, after a rough night when Nate decided to be awake from 4-6AM, I slept from 7-8:30 and then we switched so Thomas gets to sleep for some hours, which he is doing at the moment.

Thomas is pretty much in charge of the cleaning in our home, so every night before he goes to bed he cleans the kitchen and once a week he cleans pretty much the whole house. And in contrast to this I'm usually the one who makes dinner and food overall, and I always go grocery shopping since I like that as well.

In addition to these basic things we often spend time together all three of us when we're not at work etc. But we also "take turns" spending some quality time with Nate so both me and my husband get some me-time.

What's most important to me in our family is that Nate grows up and thinks it's as common for his dad to clean or cook as it is for his mom. That he doesn't grow up with these old thoughts of what a "man and a woman should do at home" you know?! I love that Thomas and Nate spends Saturday mornings cleaning our bathroom and I love that Nate gets to do all these everyday things with both me and my husband. We try to be as equal as possible with everything but obviously there are some things that aren't perfect since Thomas is working a lot and I'm the one who spends more time at home with Nate.



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