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Last week I told you about my love for PartyLite's collection called Fresh Home. This week I want to show you another lovely collection called BeBalanced! PartyLite is by far my FAVORITE place to shop all the details for the home which is convenient since we're right in the middle of moving at the moment.

My favorite thing about BeBalanced is that it's the perfect collection for a constantly stressed person who needs to learn how to relax and take a deep breath every now and then. BeBalanced helps you to relax, get energy and feel good. It’s more than just good looking details in the home, it’s a whole lifestyle!

In the pictures above you see my Be Energised candle that is also available as Be Relaxed, Be Happy and Be Centered. It's a perfect interior detail and such a lovely item to have in the bedroom or livingroom. You find it here. The candles are made with 100% soy wax!

Now you’re probably wondering what the silver thing behind the candle is? Well it’s a Smartblends Warmer, it gives you flameless fragrance and you can use it together with different Smartblend fragrances to variate the mood in your home. And YES, you find this at PartyLite as well, of course. :)

You find these amazing essential oils here and it's a set with four bottles that brings you daily energy and positivity. <3 These tiny bottles are much more than just a good fragrance, they actually improve your mood!? I know, how good is that. It's exactly what I need in my home during bad days haha. And I love it! It’s funny how such small things can give you so much joy.

The best thing about these oils is that you can use them with your Ultrasonic Diffuser that you find here. So you mix a bit of the oil with water and then the steam that comes is AMAZING. As I told you in my previous post, I’m obsessed with the Ultrasonic Diffuser and once you start using it there’s really no way to stop because it brings such a big difference to the home!

Two other fun things I want to tell you:

Did you know that you can host a party with your friends together with PartyLite? It's as fun as it sounds and you can find more information and do it here. I’d actually love to throw one of these parties so I'm thinking of doing it! And maybe invite some of my readers?!

Ps. If you're interested in working with PartyLite you can read more about it here. It's the perfect job for someone who likes to work after their own schedule and for someone who likes new challenges! AND obviously for someone who loves their products as much as I do... :)



I’m waiting for a Molly x PartyLite collection😍😍😍
YES järjestä!!🙌
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