Back in Stockholm

(Full outfit from Noa Noa & Nate's full outfit from Noa Noa miniature)

So... Spontaneously my husband decided to buy us new flight tickets home one week earlier, so 12 hours before the flight left we made a booking and well, now we're back in Stockholm although we were supposed to stay in Marbella a bit longer haha... This is what life with a crazy (but lovely) husband looks like!

It's COLD and DARK here but it's also pretty nice to be home after almost 4 weeks abroad. Our apartment is packed with stuff since we are moving in a couple of weeks and already have gotten lots of new furniture etc. I'm trying to organize everything so we're ready to move asap!

One thing that's good about being home is that I can tell Nate feels much more comfortable and happy in his "safe place". Being away for a month with a 6-month-old baby wasn't maybe the best decision, but now we know that and are one experience richer! And I can say that I enjoyed Spain and the sun 100 more than my boys hehe... I feel recharged and ready for 2020!!



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