After a rough night

Yesterday, last night and today was spent at a Spanish hospital. Luckily it was a private and super good one, but still. It was REALLY hard since they didn’t understand much English at all and well, my Spanish skills are below zero haha.

Anyways, my husband has been ill for a week now and yesterday when Nate got a really high fever all of a sudden and quickly got into a pretty bad condition, we called the hospital and where told to go there for a check-up. But since Nate is so tiny he had already gotten dehydrated so he needed to get drip and medication at the hospital so we had to stay there.

One of the worst things ever was seeing my little bubba so ill, completely exhausted, crying while they where taking blood samples, put a catheter in him and giving him medication throughout the day and night. My mom heart cried a lot, more than Nate did actually haha...

Tomorrow we’re going back for a doctor’s appointment and luckily my mom is arriving in Marbella this very moment, so we’ll have some extra help and support here.

Now I’m gonna take a long bath and then try to get some sleeep.
/An exhausted mother



Glen Stone
Glen Stone,
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