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A topic I think I've written about before sometimes during the last autumn is how much I like the fact that you can whiten your teeth at home nowadays. The only thing I like to do and do regularly is to use the charcoal whitening that is by far the most gentle way to whiten your teeth. I usually brush my teeth with the charcoal whitening a couple of times a week and it works really good! I'm so happy about the results and one of the best things is that you notice the results instantly, after only one brush.

I also have one of these teeth whitening kits at home and I'm a bit lazy when it comes to using it but if you do want results it's as simple as using one of these for about 10 minutes a day. I know?! And most of the kits are totally safe, gentle and a natural way to get whiter teeth.

Now about choosing a whitening kit that is good and worth it's price: There's a site called Bäst Tandblekning that is a guide to find the best teeth whitening products to use at home! How good is that? You can simple click in to their site and start exploring and comparing. The site also have lots of good information that can be very useful if you want to start whiten your teeth at home! It's simply a great site for those of you who are thinking about buying your first whitening kit or maybe wants to try a different brand or method.

For a long time I've been thinking about going to a dentist and whiten my teeth professionally, but I've been so satisfied with the results from the kits I've used at home so I think I'm just going to continue using these for the time being. Two great things about that is that it's much cheaper and you can do it whenever you have some time over or feel like it! No need to plan it ahead. Perfect for moms and people with a stressy schedule. :)



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